Urgent information concerning your student voice


Today, April 4, 2018, Chancellor DiStefano announced his unilateral decision that CU Student Government will no longer maintain regulatory power of its campus facilities, professional staff, and budgets; this includes but is not limited to fiscal control of cost centers and programs that enhance the student experience. This decision eliminates the autonomy of CU Student Government and consequently silences the student voice. CUSG is the most autonomous student government in the nation, serving as a distinctive example of the power of student voice. The Chancellor violated the Chancellor’s Agreement failing to seek student input on a decision that fundamentally alters the lives of students attending CU Boulder. This agreement was, in theory, what would guarantee CUSG has the “authority and responsibility to develop and administer budgetary and programmatic policy for student fee supported areas including the bottom-line budgetary figure.”

If it were not for the students there would be no university in the first place—our voices should not be so easily dismissed. CUSG welcomes the opportunity to discuss the current student government operations with the Chancellor, but we were deliberately excluded from all conversations regarding the issue. Student engagement is paramount to the success of these facilities and resources. The Chancellor's decision is a predatory affront to justice and undermines the mission of CU Boulder: a mission focused on the personal, professional, and academic success of all students. A Chancellor who stifles the student voice is a Chancellor that students do not want, and who is not serving to represent CU Boulder. Furthermore this is an intentional attack on the student’s voice and the most pivotal decision in regards to limiting student voice in the University of Colorado’s recent history.

Board of Regents contact information: 
Sue Sharkey, Chair - sue.sharkey@cu.edu
Linda Shoemaker, Vice Chair - linda@shoemaker@cu.edu
John Carson - john.carson@cu.edu
Glen Gallegos - glen.gallegos@cu.edu
Heidi Ganahl - heidi.ganahl@cu.edu
Irene Griego - irene.griego@cu.edu
Kyle Hybl - kyle.hybl@cu.edu
John "Jack" Kroll - jack.kroll@cu.edu
Stephen Ludwig - steve.ludwig@cu.edu