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My name is Tom Anderson and I am running to be your Representative-at-Large on CUSG. I love to spend time in nature, reading, and playing dungeons and dragons with my friends. I am currently a second year student pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering with the intention to go to Law School after I graduate.

I have been advocating for trying improving my community for as long as I can remember. I grew up as a boy scout in Littleton, Colorado and went on to facilitate a variety of community service projects on my way to earning my Eagle Scout. My desire to serve as your Representative-at-Large is an extension of this interest to serve my community.

I have been working to serve my community here at CU in a variety of roles since my first day on campus. Despite having just arrived, I helped other people move their stuff into their own dorm rooms. I served as a member of hall council to advocate for the people in my dorms, and I served as a member of Freshman Council to advocate for the people in my class. I currently serve as an RA to try and help people find a home here at CU, and I serve as the Director of Student Engagement for the Engineering Colleges Student Government as a way to serve the people in my college.

My goal is to use this desire to serve my community to help advocate for the members of our community as a Representative-at-Large. I have spent my first two years on campus living in Williams Village and as such, I understand some of the transportation issues we face on campus. I understand that students want a more transparent student government, I hope to be able to help students be better informed as to what is going on, by bringing that information to the students.

My ticket, VOICE, believes in making sure that the students are heard and helped. VOICE fundamentally desires to ensure that the voice of the students is heard. Vote VOICE!