The Executive branch

David Kidd.jpg

David Kidd

Student Body President

Olivia Wittenberg.jpg

Olivia Wittenberg

Student Body President

Jake Reagan.jpg

Jake Reagan

Student Body President

Maxwell Passas.jpg

Maxwell Passas

Chief of Staff

Office Hours: Tuesday 11am-12pm | Thursday 11am-12pm

Greg Allan.jpg

Greg Allan

Director of Finance

Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30pm-5pm | Friday 11am-12:45pm

Shannon Reed.jpg

Shannon Reed

Director of Public Relations

Office Hours: Monday 1pm-2pm | Tuesday 4pm-5pm

Eric Temple.jpg

Eric Temple

Director of Legislative Affairs

Office Hours: Wednesday 5pm-6pm | Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm

Jessie Bixler.jpg

Jessie Bixler

Director of Student Engagement

Office Hours: Tuesday 12:15pm-1:45pm | Thursday 12:15pm-1:45pm

Rana Laouar.jpg

Rana Laouar

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Office Hours: Tuesday 1pm-2pm | Tuesday 2pm-3pm

Ryan Armijo.jpg

Ryan Armijo

Veterans Liaison

Office Hours: Monday 4pm-5pm | Wednesday 4pm-5pm

Joon Baang.jpg

Joon Baang

International Students Liaison

Office Hours: Monday 3:30pm-4:30pm | Wednesday 3:30pm-4:30pm

Liam Brodie.jpg

Liam Brodie

Sustainability Chair

Office Hours: Monday 11am-1pm | Wednesday 12pm-1pm

Jake Carias.jpg

Jake Carias

Graduate/professional Students Liaison

Office Hours: Tuesday 3pm-4:15pm | Wednesday 11:45am-7pm

Martin Chinn.jpg

Martin Chinn

SOAC Chair

Office Hours: Wednesday 11am-12pm & 3pm-4pm

Erin Dowd.jpg

Erin Dowd

Social and multimedia chair

Office Hours: Tuesday 1pm-3pm | Thursday 1pm-3pm

Will Fagan.jpg

Will Fagan

greek life liaison

Office Hours: Thursday 2pm-4pm

Molly Frommelt.jpg

Molly Frommelt

legislative affairs chair

Office Hours: Monday 11am-2pm | Wednesday 11am-2pm

Julia Frondoni

Health and safety chair

Office Hours: Monday/Friday 10am-11am | Thursday 11am-12pm

Kevin Miller.jpg

Kevin Miller

Gender and sexuality liaison

Office Hours: Monday 11am-1pm

Hadleigh Swarts.jpg

Hadleigh Swarts

Homecoming and athletics chair

coming soon.jpg

coming soon..

event planning chair

Shyloh Kirksey

election commissioner

Office Hours: Wednesday 10am-12pm | Friday 1pm-2pm

Andrew Wise.jpg

Andrew Wise

attorney general

Office Hours: Thursday 10am-12pm

Brady Itkin.jpg

Brady Itkin


Office Hours: Monday 2:30pm-3:30pm | Thursday 5:45pm-6:45pm