soac board

Job Description: The Student Organization Allocations Committee is comprised of a student voting board and one chair, whose goal is to promote student involvement, diversity, and inclusivity across campus, by allocating student fees to various student organizations based on the SOAC code. SOAC meets every Wednesday from 5:00-10:00pm; therefore, applicants must be able to meet every Wednesday evening. SOAC works closely with the Center for Student Involvement, as well as other funding boards on campus such as, CUSG Representative Council and the Council of Colleges and Schools. An effective SOAC board member possesses exceptional organization and communication skills, and a passion for inclusivity. Each SOAC board member will work as a liaison for a variety of clubs, thus they need to be responsible, effective communicators and unbiased. Each board member will need to be team- oriented, self-motivated, and have a passion for diversity and inclusivity on campus. If this sounds like you, please review the application below and apply!

How to Apply: Email a copy of your resume and application to