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Sarah is a 2nd year undergraduate from Centennial, Colorado. She is pursuing a double major in Political Science and Philosophy, and a minor in Communications. Sarah is also a part of the CU Boulder Honors Program, which allows her to take more challenging course work and learn to think critically about local policy issues. She is currently a member of the pre-law fraternity and, after graduating, Sarah plans to attend law school and hopes to practice civil law.

In 2017, Sarah joined the University of Colorado Boulder Student Government (CUSG) as a member of the Freshman Council. Her time in Freshman Council encouraged her to pursue more rigorous and active roles within CUSG. In total, Sarah has now served as a Senator for Arts and Sciences in Legislative Council for 3 consecutive semesters. In her position, she has worked with and assisted past CUSG staff such as chief of staff, event chair, social media chair, and the election commissioner which have given her a unique wealth of knowledge about the organization and function of each branch of student government. Currently, she is serves as the Chair of Council of Colleges and Schools, which oversees all elected senators from the individual schools. Sarah is also the Legislative Councils acting Parliamentarian, a role in which she helps ensure meetings are conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Additionally, Sarah is a voting member of Finance Board, which oversees the 24-million-dollar student activity fee budget that CUSG takes part in managing. Sarah’s depth of knowledge regarding the student activity fee budgeting process makes her a great candidate to be one of the CUSG tri-executives.

Sarah actively contributes to the legislative branch of CUSG by organizing support for and authoring bills and resolutions. In the past, she has authored bills that have guaranteed the establishment and support for an LGBTQ+ liaison and switched the graduate liaison position to stipend pay system, allowing more graduate students to get involved with CUSG. Additionally, Sarah has sponsored bills concerning student safety, environmentally friendly actions, and bills important to everyday CUSG operations and practices. She has also been a driving force in the creation/revival of the CUSG diversity commission.

Sarah is most passionate about refocusing Student Government's priorities, specifically concerning safety and environmentally friendly practices initiated. She also hopes to better unify the campus by creating better channels of communication and make CUSG a more transparent and interactive body that works closely with student groups and listens to students on a regular basis.