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 My name is Patrick Yehle and I am running to be your Representative-at-Large on CU Student Government. I am currently a sophomore undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Physics with a minor in Philosophy.

I grew up in the small mountain town of Crested Butte in the western slopes of Colorado. I moved to the city of Castle Rock for high school and now attend CU Boulder. I’m proud to call myself a buff and love the warm and exciting environment this campus provides to its students.

I have a passion for law, I am currently a pre-law student with the dream of being a criminal prosecutor. I compete in CU’s mock trial team, representing our school in competition against schools from across the nation. I also volunteer at the District Attorney’s office and work in Dr. Weber’s research lab in JILA.

I am currently one of the three candidates running under the Voice ticket. Our ticket aims to reach out to the students of CU and bring back their voice in the student government. Our party has reached out and talked to hundreds of students hearing their opinions on student government and we have found a common theme, they want to be heard. Everyone on campus has different opinions and ideas on how to improve CU, but if we as a student government don’t actively seek out and find that voice, then we are failing as a government. I believe in bringing back democracy to our current government, bringing back your voice as a student and making sure the students voice comes first.

I have worked in various leadership positions, ranging from the head attorney of my mock trial team to the president of my speech and debate club. As the head attorney, I learned how to understand and interpret legal documents and literature as I had to learn the rules of evidence for 2 different legal systems. While working as president of speech and debate I worked one on one with students both in and out of the club.

The Voice ticket believes in bringing back the true core of the CU student government, the students voice. The Voice ticket will represent you as the student, the voice is the choice. Vote for Voice!