Nicholas Kennedy is a sophomore running to be a Tri-Executive for CU Student Government. He is a member of the Honors Program in the Leeds School of Business, where he is pursuing a double major in Accounting and Finance. Nick is currently a Representative At Large for CU Student Government, and has found that this experience has granted him the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as one of the university’s student body presidents. Nick has also continued to be involved in his local community by serving as the Academic Director for Chi Psi and being an active member in the Leeds School of Business’ Investment Club.

Apart from Student Government, Nick has many interests. He loves to stay physically active through going to the Recreation Center or skiing in the mountains with his friends. He also enjoys being involved in community service, and actively helps with the planning of philanthropy events put on by his fraternity. As mentioned earlier, Nick is very interested in investment banking as well, and is hoping to intern for an investment bank in New York City this upcoming summer.

Nick is excited to be a part of the Progress ticket for a variety of reasons. He believes that Progress’ main agenda of accountability and accessibility are critical aspects of the CU community that need to be better addressed and improved upon. Nick also feels very strongly about the ticket mates running alongside him, as he finds each member to possess distinct qualities that will all help contribute to the ticket’s goals in their own unique way.

The Progress ticket is striving to improve our community in a way that benefits each and every student at CU. Vote for Progress to help CU make the student experience the best it can possibly be!