Nicholas Kennedy

Nicholas Kennedy.png

Nicholas Kennedy is a sophomore undergraduate running to be a Representative-at-Large for CU Student Government. He is a member of the Honors Program at the Leeds School of Business and is pursuing a double major in Accounting and Finance. He was born in Westchester, New York, and believes that coming from such a different culture offers him a unique perspective on life and the community at CU. Nick also served on Student Government while attending boarding school during his high school years. This experience gave him a great opportunity to hone the skills necessary to positively represent and advocate for a student body in a close-knit community, especially when students live on campus 24/7. At CU, Nick has continued to be involved with the community around him through being an active member of a fraternity and serving on the Interfraternity Council Justice Board. However, much like the other members on his ticket, Nick is aware of how big the community at CU really is and actively seeks to get more involved with the people and organizations outside of greek life. He believes being a representative of the CU student body would be a great way to do just that.

Apart from Student Government, Nick has many interests. He loves to stay physically active through going to the Rec or driving up to the mountains with friends to go skiing. He enjoys being involved in community service, and has done so through volunteering at The Boys and Girls Club during high school as well as currently helping with philanthropy events put on by his fraternity. Nick is also very interested in Real Estate, and is planning on working for a real estate firm in Boulder this year- in addition to pursuing a certificate in Real Estate at Leeds.

 Nick is a part of Elevate, and is very passionate about his ticket for a variety of reasons. He believes that the ticket’s chosen platforms of sexual assault, safety and transportation, and the student experience are critical aspects of the CU community that need to be better addressed and improved. Nick also feels very strongly about the ticket mates running alongside him, as he finds each one to possess distinctive qualities that will all help contribute to the ticket’s goals in their own unique way.  

 The Elevate ticket is striving to improve our community in a way that benefits each and every student at CU. Vote for Elevate and help take CU to the next level!