Our Team

We are broken into three branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Just like the actual government, each branch has their own function that keeps the government running to best serve you!



The executive branch consists of the Tri-Execs who you elect every year and their staff. We determine how to help you most and take action to ensure your student fees are correctly spent. We organize such events as Homecoming and fund places like the Rec and UMC.

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The legislative branch consists of Senators from each college and Representatives at large who represent the student body as a whole. We determine which student groups get funded, pass legislation concerning the students as well as serve as a check to the Executive branch.



The Appellate Court acts as the judicial branch of CUSG, functioning with seven justices appointed by the Executive branch and ratified by the Legislative Council. We work closely with elections to ensure transparency and legitimacy, and oversee the swearing in of newly elected student representatives.