Hi all! My name is Marine Kaufmann, and I’m a member of the REACH ticket running for a position of Representative-At-Large. I’m currently a first-year at CU Boulder, double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. I am originally from Miami, Florida and was drawn to Boulder because of the eco-conscious values that encapsulate the campus and the community. It excites me to be able to create a difference at this school as opportunities continue to fly in from every direction. I have and continue to forge a deep passion for improving my surroundings, which I know can be channeled fittingly into a role in CU Student Government. I focus on creating a stronger sense of community in and out of the classroom, and as a result will be taking the primary initiative of improving safety, food & health on campus. As a candidate, I look forward to being able to represent the full spectrum of student opinion and enact them into policy change. As your Representative-At-Large, my mission will be to ensure that our campus and college will function on a governmental level with the energy and efficacy advertised on our college brochures. On March 15th, the climate march that my affiliates and I have been organizing with a local nonprofit enjoyed a turnout of more than 500 people. I will be carrying this ecocentric mindset wherever I go, and especially into CUSG. I am confident in my abilities to provide a united front for students to rally behind and to be a line of defense for the betterment of the student experience. Vote for REACH!