My name is Kevin Hughes and I am running to be your Representative-at-Large in CUSG. I am a freshman pursuing a degree in Business Administration.

I grew up in Pueblo, Colorado, where I watched the news for hours a day, ate Taco Bell religiously, and loved treating my high school classmates to amazing singing, dancing, and Shakira impersonations.

The most important thing that I have found to love in life is interacting with people. I enjoyed taking part in many sports and clubs in high school. I love to stay active by running and playing soccer. I have been in charge of many successful programs over the years and look to continue on this path of moving ideas and programs forward. I currently work at King Soopers which has helped me better develop the traits of hard work, humility, and time management. If elected, I will devote all my time toward CUSG.

I am not going to lie to you. I am only a freshman, so I don’t have a lot of experience at CU. I am not a genius, so I can’t tell you that I know all the problems that need fixed in our campus community. What I can promise you however, is that I will work hard. I will work endlessly to represent every single student’s concerns and ideas. I have already sat with over 450 students this past month listening to what they would like to see from CUSG. I have spent countless hours sitting down and talking to students because they need to have a voice in a student organization that uses your student fees and has an annual budget of over 24 million dollars. Getting to know the experiences and knowledge other students have to offer, far outweighs any knowledge I and my fellow candidates can derive from our own individual involvement in CU. I will continue spending many hours reaching out to every student I can so that I can do my job as a representative.

This brings me to why I’m inspired by the VOICE ticket that I am a part of. Everyone on the ticket has a drive to reach out to the students. CUSG should be interacting face to face with students daily. From these interactions, our ticket has found the pressing concerns of many students that CUSG needs to address. Students need to have a voice in CUSG and know how CUSG is spending their fees. Vote to have a VOICE. Vote VOICE!