My name is Keara Barrett and I am from Portland, Oregon. I am a freshman here at CU and currently majoring in Business and Integrative Physiology. I am running for the Representative-at-Large position, and I am a part of the REACH ticket.

Here at CU, I have been dying to get involved. I felt isolated the beginning of freshman year and confused about how to break out of the freshmen shell. Over this last semester, I have met so many amazing people during philanthropic events, community functions, and am even going abroad to the Dominican Republic this summer on a medical service trip.

I am running as a Representative-at-Large to encourage more students to become engaged at CU. As a member of student government, I want to reach out to freshmen and other students who feel isolated to welcome them to this vibrant community with more opportunities to get involved and more information on the programs on campus.

I am a very outgoing person with lots of fresh ideas to better the CU community. I excel at interpersonal communication and love reaching out to people to gain a larger sense of the community. I am a great listener and natural leader in the classroom, which gives me the ability to mediate and delegate conversations when working in student government. I am very passionate about fostering a better community for all students and actively listening to their needs and wants. I will be running with the REACH ticket to focus on improving health, food, and safety here on campus.

 Even though I’m only a freshman, I have prior experience working in the realm of legislation. I was Vice President of my high school, leader of the speech and debate club, and heavily involved in service work, gaining over 90 hours during my high school experience. These leadership experiences help me to confidently say that I will make a great CU Representative at Large because wherever I go, I choose to get involved and REACH out to my community.