Kate Sullivan

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Kate Sullivan is an undergraduate sophomore who is pursuing a double major in Communications and Psychology. She was born and raised in Morristown, New Jersey, but being far from home will not deter her in accomplishing many aspirations during her college career. Not only are academics important to Kate, but she has a strong desire to be an advocate for the student community. As an active member of the Chi Omega Fraternity, she is the assistant chair of sisterhood and has sat on multiple committees. Similar to her ticketmates, she wants to be involved in student government to expand her involvement in the community beyond greek life, ultimately representing all of the CU student population.

From high school to college, Kate has served in many roles such as student athlete, leader, and mentor. However, student advocate is by far the role she feels most passionate about. Herself and her ticketmates want to strive to be the most well rounded and successful student advocates. The Elevate ticket plans to execute this goal through their three pillars, safety and transportation, sexual assault, and student experience. The pillars would be their main initiative of their term if elected. As a whole, they plan to prevent further sexual assault by reforming the universities’ sexual assault education program. Elevate plans to refine the transportation for non-main campus students to build a more efficient and convenient transportation that makes off campus students feel more at ease and included. Lastly, Elevate desires to further enhance students’ experiences through putting more of the yearly budget towards recreational events to unite students further.