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Jake is a 3rd year PhD. student in the Department of Sociology. In May, he will graduate with a master’s degree in Sociology from CU Boulder and continue working towards a PhD. His research specializes in urban sociology and statistical methods, with a focus on housing development and the causes/effects of segregation and gentrification. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Jake’s research and graduate studies have been influenced by his study abroad and travel to cities ranging from Anchorage, Alaska and Miami, Florida to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Barcelona, Spain.

Jake started his college education at American University in Washington, D.C., where he served as the Interfraternity Council Vice President of Recruitment and the President of the AU Men’s Volleyball team. In 2013, he transferred to SUNY New Paltz, a small liberal arts college in upstate New York. At SUNY New Paltz, Jake began his career in research by working for Dr. Benjamin Junge on a 2014 summer research study into MSM sex practices and PrEP knowledge. In 2015, Jake earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with a minor in International Relations from SUNY New Paltz. The following year, he began his graduate education at SUNY Albany for 1 year before transferring to the University of Colorado Boulder to join the CU Boulder Department of Sociology and work closely with his advisor, Dr. Jason Boardman, in the area of “population health” and neighborhood effects at the Institute for Behavioral Science (IBS).

At CU Boulder, Jake has served as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for undergraduate classes, such as “Deviance in the U.S.” and “Introduction to Social Statistics”, each semester since arriving in August 2016. In the classroom, Jake challenges his students to discuss and critique sociological theories and national policy issues through critical and reasoned discussion and debate. Over the past year, Jake has served as the Graduate and Professional Student Liaison for CUSG in the Diversity and Inclusion Department and as an Executive Board member of UGGS (United Government of Graduate Students). In his position, Jake has worked to bring graduate student issues to the forefront of CUSG’s agenda and organize events for graduate students on and off campus.

While it is uncommon for graduate students to take such a prominent role in CUSG, Jake joined the “SHIFT CU” Tri-Executive ticket to help effect change for graduate students across CU. He hopes to bring together CUSG and UGGS to solve critical issues graduate students face while attending CU Boulder. By electing a graduate student to the Tri-executive position, Jake believes the SHIFT team will be able to improve the visibility, transparency, and effectiveness of CUSG through accomplishable and prudent goals and use his experience to have CUSG address the needs of graduate students. As one of the many LGBTQ+ graduate students on campus, Jake plans to focus his efforts on improving the campus climate for LGBTQ students through programming and academic support networks. You can find more information about their proposed policy and program changes on SHIFT CU’s website.