My name is Erik Krummrich and I am running for the Representative-at-Large position in the upcoming CUSG election. I am a third-year undergraduate student perusing a bachelor’s degree in Technology Arts and Media engineering.

I rock climb for fun and love staying apart of the outdoor community that helps keep our beautiful state clean. I am also apart of CU’s collegiate choral. This has allowed me to start becoming very active in CU’s music community.

I was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. I transferred to CU last spring, and have loved every day since. There were some rough moments in the transition, but it has all been worth it. It gives me great pride to have the potential to bring the joy I feel to other students in the community.

I am inspired by my ticket because it gives me the opportunity to help make CU a place where all students can feel welcome. Getting to create opportunities to unite students, while maintaining a safe atmosphere, allows me to generate the feeling of a second home here on campus. I know that I would be an excellent choice for Representative-at-Large because I am full of new ideas, with unique perspectives that allow me to look at problems differently than my peers. Currently, I am an LA for ATLS- 2001. This has helped me grow my perspective far beyond the traditional student view. Allowing me to refine my thoughts on student life in a more critical manner. I have also been in various leadership position, such as being a DECA officer and Collegiate Choral’s l Social Chair, that has granted me the experience to lead and organize efficiently.

I know that if I am elected I will do all that is in my ability to make CU the best version of itself.