Election Commissioner


Dear Applicant,

The primary objective of the Election Commissioner is to ensure fair and effective CU Student Government Elections. The Election Commissioner works in concert with the Election Commission to organize, oversee, and carry out CUSG elections by establishing and adhering to a clear election timeline, working with the Director of Student Engagement to create the largest student voter turnout possible, promoting events during elections such as the Candidate’s Debate, and managing the advertising budget for election. The office of Election Commissioner requires the capabilities of an individual who is highly responsible, shares the values of equity and neutrality, and possesses the ability to remain impartial while conducting outreach to a wide and inclusive student voter base. Applicants should have a passion for promoting student democracy and student voice. If this sounds like you, please review the application below and apply!



Your Tri-Executives

To apply, submit a resume and complete application to custudentgov@gmail.com