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Debbie Landman is running to serve the students of CU Boulder as a Representative-at- Large for the 2019-2020 school year. She is a second-year student majoring in Political Science with a minor in Multicultural Leadership. She is a first generation college student, and grew up speaking Spanish as her first language in Lima, Peru. Her parents decided to move to Highlands Ranch, Colorado, from Lima when she was in elementary school in order to provide her and her brothers more opportunities and resources to achieve whatever they set their minds to. Debbie came to CU Boulder in search of an amazing education and a vibrant community that assists students in order to help them succeed- and that is exactly why she is running for Representative at Large. She learns new things about this campus every day and is constantly brainstorming ways to improve the experience of students now and for years to come. Her leadership skills, established through involvement in various organizations such as being a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, working for a Colorado state legislator and numerous years in her high school’s student government have led Debbie to attain all of the necessary tools to serve her peers and stand up for those in need of being heard at CU Boulder. She understands how fortunate she is for the opportunity to run for this position and serve her peers, and wants to take the opportunity in order to truly do what is in best interest of the student body. She is running for Representative at Large because she wants to improve the place that she already loves so much, and believes that that is what this campus deserves. The members of the Progress ticket has inspired Debbie to put her thoughts into action. Progress is passionate about making necessary resources accessible for those students who are in need; listening to those whose voices are not heard enough at CU. Debbie is passionate about providing a sustainable campus for students economically and environmentally. Safety is being overlooked and important issues are not being addressed, such as the lack of accessibility to certain buildings on campus for those who are disabled, and safety risks becoming more common for those who are underrepresented. Debbie and Progress’ first priority is to make sure that those who are making the decisions are held accountable and that CUSG is making choices with the best interest of the whole student body in mind. Debbie really hopes you vote for Progress to serve CU in the 2019-2020 school year!