Chloe Sonne

Chloe Sonne.png

Chloe Sonne is running for the position of Representative-at-Large for CU Student Government. As a sophomore working towards a degree in Marketing Communications with a Business Minor, she is very excited for the possible opportunity ahead. Chloe grew up in Mukilteo, Washington, and has enjoyed far too many rainy seasons. She has spent countless winters skiing with her friends and family at Stevens Pass but has the found the sunshine of Colorado especially appealing. With the flatirons directly in our backyard, Chloe finds joy in the outdoors through hiking and skiing.

As a second-year member of Alpha Phi, Chloe is inspired by the community and friendship throughout Greek Life. This has taught her to constantly strive to better herself and the community around her through service and other various community relations. However, through this campaign, Chloe hopes to focus not just on Greek life, but on bettering the student community. Chloe believes she is the right choice for this position due to her previous experience as an Ambassador and Representative for her high school where she worked closely with different heads of department to make positive change in student’s lives. Chloe is inspired by this ticket and the platforms they are advocating for because they allow for positive change for the men and women around them on campus. The Elevate ticket hopes to work towards changing the conversation of domestic violence and be advocates for the resources that can be available to all of us through the CU campus. Elevate also wants to focus on how students can be safer on campus through increased lighting and transportation, as well as utilizing a positive relationship with the police force. The Elevate ticket is working towards benefiting the campus experience of every student in a positive and inclusive way.