Chief of Staff


Dear Applicant,

The Chief of staff is the primary point of contact between the Tri-Executives, Directors, and general Executive Staff. This position organizes and runs staff meetings, helps guide staff to achieve their goals, and manages Freshman Council among a host of other responsibilities. An effective Chief of Staff must have exceptional organizational, communicative, and leadership ability and the capacity to effectively and efficiently manage a large, diverse staff. The Chief of Staff should be self-motivated, team-oriented, and possess first-rate interpersonal skills; the success of Student Government relies on your leadership and the ability to guide your staff in a friendly and fair handed manner. Above all else, however, the Chief of Staff should have a true passion for improving CU and helping CUSG realize its fullest potential. If this sounds like you, please review the application below and apply!



Your Tri-Executives


To apply, submit a resume and complete application to