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Bazen is a 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Computer Science and International Affairs. He has been involved in many student groups, ranging from African Student Association (ASA) to Black Student Alliance (BSA). He regularly attends group meetings and voices his opinions on racial and ethnic and diversity and inclusion issues that occur at CU. Bazen hopes to bring his voice and experience to CUSG that will reinvigorate student interest in CUSG.

Bazen joins the SHIFT CU tri-executive ticket with no prior background in CUSG but aims to bring a fresh face and a direct connection to student groups into student government. He has pushed the SHIFT team to be a tri-executive team that does not make empty promises and focuses on practical improvements that will directly affect students’ experiences on campus. Bazen has ensured that he has the time and the commitment needed to become fully involved in CUSG. He plans to necessary responsibilities that comes with being one of the tri-executives.

Bazen plans to focus on addressing the outreach and transparency issues that previous CUSG administrations have experiences. Key issues that he wants to tackle are lack of student involvement and getting students to know that they have a student government that is their voice in CU administration. The SHIFT CU team has proposed the expansion of the public relations department of CUSG to make sure that students are regularly updated on CUSG’s events and recent legislative bills. Similarly, Bazen has proposed the creation of a series of “town hall” listening sessions with student groups and minority communities on campus to make sure everyone’s voice and issues are being heard by CUSG and shared with the appropriate CU administrative personnel.