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Dedicated Students, Faculty & Professors,

My name is Austin Griffiths and I’m from Davis, California. I am currently a sophomore here at CU Boulder and am majoring in Business. As a candidate in REACH running for Representative-at-Large in CUSG, my team and I will work hard to improve the health, food, and safety of all students attending our university. I have decided to take on this responsibility because I feel Student Government can do better at keeping our student population informed and politically active. I possess the unique skills needed to accomplish these goals.

Throughout my life I have always strived to be a good citizen and contributing member of society. I am a highly ambitious, dedicated, organized and dependable person by nature. I have a natural ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, and these skills allow me to build strong working relationships to meet my goals. During my time at CU Boulder, I have acquired a skill set that includes outreach specialization, philanthropic endeavors (such as my work in veteran aid), and most importantly a strong sense of community that makes me proud to be a Buff. I wish to use my skills to better our community as whole.

Coming from a relatively small town with an ecofriendly and tight-knit community, I know what it means to be involved, build relationships, and what it signifies to maintain a healthy and positive standard of communication with my local government. My access to this type of background has provided me with a unique set of guidelines that I can apply in my mission to improve CU Boulder on a fundamental level.

As an undergrad student, I’ve experienced my own frustration with a system that can do better with easier access to health services, healthier and quicker food options, and a better safety system. During and after the time of election, I will be a resource to students and faculty alike and respond to the burning questions that are raised by our student body.