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Job Description

All Justices of the Judicial Branch are entrusted with ensuring legitimacy and transparency within CUSG. One of the biggest responsibilities of all Justices is to actively preside over Court proceedings including asking questions and writing official opinions. Justices are also tasked with ensuring the legitimacy of CUSG by ensuring that all actions taken by CUSG are within Constitutional boundaries, thus being active within the involvements of CUSG is prudent. Within the Court Justices are also expected to be an active member of the Court by attending meetings, holding office hours, and bringing new ideas on how to improve the Court and or CUSG in general and taking action to implement these ideas. In an average week, Justices can be expected to work 6-8 hours through office hours, attending meetings and working on tasks for the Court. During election seasons, Justice can expect to work more hours as election season is a busy time for cases to be heard