antony Congram

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My name is Antony Congram, and I will be running for Representative-at-Large for CUSG. I am currently a Junior studying Economics with an international emphasis,  and minoring in Political Science.

I was born and raised in Colorado. I could not leave this beautiful and one-of-a-kind state.  I enjoy partaking in all the opportunities that this state has to offer, including hiking, skiing, and camping. I have been been apart of a plethora of clubs at CU, and am starting up a chapter of PeaceJam, an organization dedicated to developing young leaders in local communities. Being the Community Service Chair for my Fraternity, I have had considerable background working with nonprofits in organizing a large number events and leading people to work towards a common goal. I have also been active and held leadership position in many different national and local organizations including the American Legion, Westminster City Government, and have aided and volunteered in multiple local political campaigns.

Our ticket RISE is unique, we have had a plethora of different positions both in organizations here at the University of Colorado as well as at organizations off campus. Because of our extensive abilities and leadership experience, we firmly believe that we have the knowledge and dedication to ensure that we can make the voices of CU students heard. As CU students, we have an immense amount of power, we will strive to ensure that our voices be heard.  At RISE we want to do everything possible to keep making the University of Colorado a better, more welcoming place, that fosters the creation and development of leaders.

RISE is comprised of students who come from very unique and different backgrounds, students who have the interest of the student body as a whole in mind. We promise to work for all students, and to ensure that all students voices are heard. If elected, we pledge to hold our positions with the highest level of integrity, transparency, and accountability.


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